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Bourjois Velvet Lipstick - 26

60.38 SAR 86.25 SAR
VAT Inclusive

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Velvet lipstick from Bourjois:

A distinctive lipstick from Bourjois, a lipstick with a velvety texture designed to give a natural look to the lips.

Innovative attractive colour, giving you a silky matte finish.

Easy to use, small size that fits in a handbag.

About the product:

Bourjois specializes in cosmetic products that are created to harmonize and balance the natural features of the face to achieve a flawless, natural beauty. An ideal choice that distinguishes your presence and increases the beauty of your appearance.

Color : purple

60.38 SAR 86.25 SAR
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رنيم حمد

1 year ago


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