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Deja vu eyeshadow palette and blusher from Crystal Hearts

186.88 SAR 251.85 SAR
VAT Inclusive

We created Crystal Hearts Deja Vu Eye and Cheek Palette to make your life just a little easier. Contains a basic palette of 14 shades, all highly concentrated pigments to help transform your look and effortlessly transition from day chic to evening sophistication. Our unique range of eyeshadows and blushes contains 5 classic matte shades, 4 contouring and transitional shades, and 5 shimmers to give you the highlights you desire - all formulated for easy blending and long-lasting vibrancy.

A one-of-a-kind eye and cheek palette in your makeup bag, this palette is the perfect blend of warm, cool, and neutral tones. This palette of colors gives you everything you need to create a dark or smoky eye with shades that look as luxurious as they look. The Crystal Hearts Déjà Vu Eye and Cheek Palette colors are perfect for home, work, or on the go. All your favorites in one convenient palette.

186.88 SAR 251.85 SAR
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