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The Balm Velvet Layer Face Primer

57.50 SAR 85.45 SAR

The Balm NT Dots Face Primer:

  • The Balm face primer with a soft gel texture close to transparent color, suitable for oily and combination skin.
  • Thanks to its wonderful formula, it will enhance the stability and strength of make-up colors for long lasting wear.
  • Moisturizes, fills in fine lines, blurs pores and leaves skin feeling smooth.
  • Plus, it helps balance skin tone for smoother makeup and an even complexion.
  • The perfect choice for a radiant look all day long.

About the product:

The Balm specializes in cosmetic products that are created to harmonize and balance the natural features of the face to achieve a flawless, natural beauty.

An ideal choice that distinguishes your presence and increases the beauty of your appearance.

57.50 SAR 85.45 SAR
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حنان العمري

3 months ago

حلو وبديل ارخص



8 months ago

متي متوفر

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