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Signal Complete 8 Gum Protection Toothpaste - 120ml

14.21 SAR 21.85 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Signal Complete 8 Gum Protection Toothpaste:

  • Get perfect teeth for the mouth and teeth Contains zinc, which provides protection against bacteria and plaque, a combination of 8 ingredients to help you:
  • 1- Protection from decay.
  • 2- Strengthening the gums.
  • 3- Provides 18-hour protection against plaque.
  • 4- Enamel strengthening.
  • 5- Restoring the natural whiteness of the teeth.
  • 6- It refreshes the soul.
  • 7- It prevents the formation of lime.
  • 8- Fights bacteria, Signal Complete 8 is dentist-recommended.
14.21 SAR 21.85 SAR
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