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Jejun Anti Dust Face Mask - 27 ml

23 SAR 31.05 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Jay Joon Anti Dust Face Mask:

Skin whitening and anti-pollution at the same time!

Step 1 Jiejun Luminous Face Mask, Anti-Dust & Anti-Impurity

The skin-soothing active ingredients included in this skin lightening mask pack, seep deep into the skin and make skin tired from fine dust look fresh and clean and the skin lightening ingredient Niacinamide brightens the complexion.

Step 2 Glitter Dustproof Ampoule

It is a high-enrichment sleep pack that helps lighten the skin by lightening the melanin color in the skin and makes the skin smooth and shiny.

Step 3 Anti-dust material to correct wrinkles around the eye area

It is a dual-function skin lightening and wrinkle care cosmetics that lightens the dark skin around the eyes and by delivering nutrients deep into the skin, makes the eye area tight

How to use :

1) After cleaning the skin and remove the paper mask anti-dust and evenly publish on the face. Peel off the mask sheet after 10-20 minutes and let the remaining essence sink into your skin by patting gently

2) After applying the mask sheet, take an appropriate amount of Ampule Lust Lustre Ampule and apply it evenly on your skin.

3) At the end of the procedure, take an appropriate amount of Anti Dust Eyes Under Corrector and apply it to the eye area evenly

23 SAR 31.05 SAR
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