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Kryolan Ultra Foundation Trio Wheel - A

185.73 SAR 218.50 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Kryolan Ultra Foundation Trio Wheel:

Foundation cream from Kryolan, consists of an innovative formula that works to hide flaws, correct and highlight facial features.

It comes in the form of a wheel divided into 3 colors in a creamy texture with a sparkling matte finish.

You can use it as a foundation or contour cream or even a highlighter to define the features of the face with perfection.

About the product:

A: For darker skin

B: For tanned, bronzed skin

C: For fair skin

D: For very fair skin

185.73 SAR 218.50 SAR
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منيره هليل

2 years ago

نبغى رقم C

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