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Braun Skin Care Machine With 12 Attachments - V169-9

876.88 SAR 932.65 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Braun Skin Care Machine With 12 Attachments - V169-9 :

  • It comes with a separate facial cleansing device that works with independent batteries and its own cap
  • Comes with a precision tweezers attachment
  • Smart lighting shows the shortest hairs
  • Comes with a massage attachment
  • Exfoliating brush attachment for washing, working on the Silk-épil motor
  • Micro-grip . technology
  • High frequency massage system
  • Can be used dry body or while showering

876.88 SAR 932.65 SAR
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1 year ago

انا عندي الجهاز بس الملحقات ماهي موجوده هل هي موجوده عندكم

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