Aster Cosmetics is a Saudi limited liability company, recognized by the Ministry of Commerce as "Maarouf", specialized in importing 100% original cosmetic products and perfumes, authorized a

common questions

Q: When will my order arrive or how long will it take?

A / Delivery within Riyadh within 48 hours, to the cities of the Kingdom between 3-5 working days, and to the Gulf countries between 4-8 working days

(With Friday not counting the holiday.

Q: How much does delivery cost me?

A/ Our delivery fees:

SMSA company inside the Kingdom 28 riyals

Aramex inside the Kingdom 24 riyals

Nol company inside Riyadh 19 riyals

Q/ Are the products original and guaranteed?

A/ All of our products are 100% original, and we do not deal with counterfeit or inferior products. We are registered with Marouf as a trusted identity company.

Q/ How do I contact you?

A / For technical support for the website, inquiries, complaints and general suggestions, please contact us on WhatsApp 0556754472

From nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

Q/ Cancel my order!

If the order is not shipped (the order is canceled immediately)

If the order has been shipped (in case the order is not received, the customer will bear 50% of the value of the shipping fee)

Q / I want to ask how?

NS /

1- Choose the products you want and add them to the basket

2- Select the quantity of each product in the basket

3- Go to shipping (you will be asked for a mobile number to activate your account with us), then the appropriate shipping company will be selected

4- Choose the appropriate payment method.

Q / Why is the order not delivered to the home for customers outside Riyadh?

A / If you want a home delivery service, you must contact the shipping company and request the service, and it will be free of charge without additional fees.

Q: What countries are shipped to?

C / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Q: Is there free shipping? And how can I get it?

A / Yes, free shipping for orders worth 499 riyals and more.

Q/ Is the cash on delivery service available outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

A / We apologize to you. The payment upon receipt service is only available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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