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Voloria Em Tattoo Velvet Tint For Cheeks & Lips - 02 Spice Red

19.77 SAR 28.75 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Em tattoo velvet tint for lips and cheeks from Voloria:

The transparent lip and cheek tint from Voloria that gives your lips an attractive color.

Deeply moisturizes the lips and promotes the healthy state of the lips and works to rejuvenate them.

Its formula gives you a natural color that suits all skin tones and is long-lasting.

You can apply it on the lips alone or before lipstick to enhance the color or on the cheeks to get the perfect blush.

It lasts from 2 to 3 hours

19.77 SAR 28.75 SAR
One comment

ايمان البرقاوي

3 weeks ago

جربته مره حلو كثبات بس جداً صغير

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